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Film, Video, and Production
How I got where I am now


Technical Director and Project Manager: From meetings with nearly no budget to budgets over six figures.

New AV Office Establishment: As contracts changed or new facilities were built, I have been involved in creating four new AV offices, including selection of equipment.

Consulting: To several properties on the subject of how their future building projects can be altered to maximize future usefulness for meetings and profit. Also; organizational techniques to significantly reduce labor cost.

Education: Teaching of specialized courses for companies and their employees. Subjects ranged from training managers on duties to job specific digital audio training.

Media Consulting for a US congressional Candidate with a six million dollar budget.

Producer: For a radio morning news show.

Labor Coordinator

Sub-section manager: For larger conferences, I have been the manager for a section of a show, like a specific property for a city-wide meeting, or section of a convention center like a general session, wing of breakouts, or the exhibit hall.

Customer Service Manager: Taking the needs of a client and doing the necessary pre-production paperwork, as well and personally dealing with requests of clients on site.

Announcer (cue the radio voice)

Occasional appearances as talent on stage

Certified in First Aid and CPR

Favorite gig: Small continuing education meetings for 100-500 attendees where I run everything from one table.


A1: for audiences up to 1000 on basic sound systems.

A2: (usually also coupled as stage manager)

System engineer & Designer: for large venue announcing sound systems for crowds up to 30,000.

Board Operator: for radio and television.

Boom Operator

Sound Mixer

Sound Recordist

Film, Video, and Production

On the set: Key Grip, Best Boy, Grip, Dolly Grip, Electric, Video Camera Operator, Boom Operator, Sound Mixer, Heavy Equipment Operator, Set Dresser.

Video Camera Operator: Several platforms and types: Long and short lens, Hand held, Steadicam, dollies, cranes, and of course, tripods.

Technical Director: Calling cameras, cueing video rolls, operating PowerPoint, operating video switcher.

Video Engineer

Video Projectionist

Teleprompter Operator

Production Assistant: I am happy to fill this role if my schedule allows.

Production Office: My management experience in live corporate events likely qualifies me for low level feature film production management roles. My project management experience includes coordinating labor, scheduling all aspects of an event from before load-in to after load-out, participating in production meetings, maintaining paperwork, servicing clients, and more. Perhaps I should look into the role of a line producer?

Some of my Production Credits


PowerPoint Operator

Turning Point ARS Operator

Networker: For simple systems and shared printers, digital signage.

Video Editing: On basic systems.

Animation: 2D and 3D, on now outdated systems like the Video Toaster.


L1: for traditional theatrical lighting.

Spotlight Operator

Key Grip

Best Boy




Projectionist: Video and Data projectors up to 10K lumens

35mm Slide Projectionist



Certified Man Lift Operator

Certified Forklift Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator: 4wd forklifts, farm tractors, bulldozers, large buses and trucks.

Set Dresser

How I got where I am now:

In one of those childhood memories, I recall wearing a homemade lamb outfit, complete with ears hanging from a hood, my usual glasses, and a makeup-blackened nose. I was one of Mary’s little lambs; my fleece was white as snow. Everywhere that Mary went, I was sure to go. That is, until we got on stage at the theatre. Not a cut-out in the wall of the cafeteria, but a real theatre with 1400 seats and real lights. As I followed the line, all the other lambs were doing things that first graders do. I was staring nearly straight up in the wing at what I thought was a very tall circular staircase leading up and up and up to all those colored lights and to someone adjusting them.

I wanted up there.

I wanted to see what those people did up there. Never mind the audience, the pressure, my lines….. Up there in those long narrow openings with the lights, and the big window up in the air at the back of the room! That’s where the action was!

But, as a seven year old at the first grade pageant in a lamb outfit, it wasn’t in the cards. Nor was it to happen at other events through school.

Then I was old enough to work.

In 1989 I became a stagehand at that same theatre. Over four years before college, I had already learned the basics of Stagecraft, Sound, and Lighting.

Following this, I sought my BFA in Video at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and had various gigs in radio, television, film & video production, and theatre. Then I encountered the AV office at our local Hyatt. After college I continued to advance in this field, taking on more and more responsibility in the industry, and started full time freelancing after being the Director of AV for Savannah’s largest meeting facility.

Over my career, I have also worked on projects outside of the realm of conference audio visuals. These experiences have broadened my scope and enabled me to bring a solution from one leg of the industry to help with a challenge in another leg of the industry.