This new website.

I built this website mainly to garner new business.  While there are less than a handful of people in this town who know what a 10 hour day is in the AV business, there are plenty of events that come to Savannah to have meetings.  There has often been a disconnect between AV companies coming here to serve their clients and their search for the local labor pool.

This site should help to close that gap.

I’m also “reckonin’ I’ll be fixin’ to” again involve myself in video and film production.  My AV experience transfers to many positions in that industry… not to mention my years of college education and significant experience in that field.  I’m qualified for many positions, such as key grip, electric, camera operator, and sound.  On the management end of things, line producing is much like what I currently do.

To get back into this line of work,  and in the interest of providing solutions, I also plan to offer significant discounts on the first day of work… sort of a getting to know you day.  It’s an great excuse for local producers to try me out, and a chance to get to know each other and see how our strengths compliment one another.




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